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from Kerry Drager Congratulations!!

Hi Kris: A big congrats on your new Web site ... it's looking terrific! Your Fun with Frogs gallery is wonderful, and I know you have many more fine galleries to come! Keep up the great work!
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from Kristina Morgan
on December 13, 2004
 Thanks Kerry! Brick by brick, little by little, slow but sure, the uploading and sorting will get done. Glad to be on my way. Thanks again for your tips and encouragement. You are a terrific motivator, pushing me to try new things.
Kris Previous Response:
on May 14, 2009
 Hi Kris, Your work is so beautiful. I keep getting drawn back again and again. I was fascinated by the inland lighthouse. Is it really not on the water? If not, do you know why it is there?  

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